Wig Store UK wig review

Wig Store UK wig review

Wig Store UK wig review

Many thanks once again to our amazing customers who take the time to write a review about the wig or wigs they have bought and worn.  Reviews like this are a tremendous help both to us as a company but especially to our existing and potential customers.

Real reviews are so important as we obtain feedback on our products and service, we can then assess what we need to do to improve or indeed if we are doing things right so that we can continue knowing we are providing what our customers want.

Potential customer also use reviews to gain a truthful insight into our products and service, wig buying, especially for the first time can be a daunting task, so if our customers who are more experienced wig users can provide a little more insight by writing reviews on our wigs this is a valuable source of information for those who have found them in a position of buy a wig for the first time.

Our Angel wig has received the following 5 star review – many thanks

Blonde bob wig Angel – 

  1. I love this wig, it’s a lovely length and colour, and the parting is really natural looking. It feels light and comfortable to wear, as you can adjust the size at the back using the tabs. Delivery was quick as I ordered late Thursday and received my wig Saturday morning.
    After losing my hair to chemotherapy I was worried people would know I was wearing a wig and that I wouldn’t look like “me” but this “Angel” wig is truly an Angel, and has completely banished all those thoughts. I feel confident and myself in this wig. Thank you Wig Store UK!


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