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Wig styles in fashion now

Wig styles in fashion now, yes, wig styles go in and out of fashion too!

Having said that, wigs can be simply popped into storage once you have decided on a change and then brought out again once you want to revert back to your previous style.

That’s the beauty of wearing a wig, it can be bit like your favourite pair of jeans, great to wear and feel super comfy but sometimes we all need a refresh and up the anti in the style stakes!

Our ombre or dip dye wigs are super popular at the moment, many people do not want to dye their own hair and cause the damage to it just for the sake of trying something new, this is why our selection of duo coloured wigs come into play, they are ready styled and coloured simply try on, adjust to suit you and away you go with your new look.

Find your perfect new hairstyle today #wearawig



Free wig delivery on orders over £50.00

Free wig delivery on orders over £50

Free wig delivery on orders over £50

Wig Store UK are now able to offer free wig delivery on all orders over £50 within the UK.

All our fabulous wigs are included in this offer even sale wigs and there is no limit to the amount of times you can use this free wig delivery offer prior to the end date of the promotion.

At Wig Store UK we are expanding our range of modern ladies wigs and one wig may just not be enough!

We know our regular clients love to experiment with their look and often buy two or three wigs to enable them to create different styles.

Our designer inspired wigs are affordable, comfortable to wear and modern in style and colour.

We love the fact that you are able to experiment with new ideas and wig styles and this free delivery offer will go a little way to help.

Find your perfect wigs today and if your order totals £50 or more have them delivered to your door free of charge.

UK addresses only qualify for this free delivery offer.



Wig styles for a super Spring look

Wig styles for a super Spring look.

With the change in Season it feels great to be coming out of the bleak wet Winter months, lighter nights, longer days, all go a small way to making us feel a little bit brighter.

Here at Wig Store UK we have some wonderful wig styles to really refresh your look and give you a spring in your step!  It’s feels fab to have a new hairdo, a hairstyle which suits you and that your happy with can make a real difference to how you feel.  Wigs make a great alternative to going to the salon and spending hundreds of pounds cutting, colouring, heating and styling the life out of your own hair.  Find a wig style to suit you and there’s no going back.

Take a look at our full selection of ladies wigs, whatever the reason for wearing a wig, fashion, medical, a change of image whatever, have fun, try new styles and find the new you!

Happy wig wearing from all at Wig Store UK x




New Year new hairstyle

New Year new hairstyle.

Hair trends seem to change like the weather, it would be impossible to keep up with the latest fashion hairstyles without having your own personal stylist on hand 24/7.

If you, like us, don’t have the celebrity stylist on hand, a perfect way to transform your look is to wear a wig.

The ‘on trend’ (whatever that means,) style which seems to be in favour at the moment is the messy bob look or soft wave styling.  You too can create this look with minimal effort, even if your own hair is not playing ball, try a heat resistant wig and get those curling wands plugged in and off you go.

We all like a change of appearance and boost to our confidence, give a wig a try, it’s easier than you think to create yourself a new look.

Happy New Year and happy styling x

new hairstyle



Party Hairstyles

Party hairstyles – it’s the party season, time to dig out that little black dress and glam up for that special night out.

Finding yourself in hairstyle rut is a common problem, we would all love to wow at a family party or office do but sometimes our hair leaves us feeling less than glamorous.

Discover the flexibility hair extensions or a wig can offer, they can completely transform your look in seconds.  Our full sets of hair extensions come in a range of colours, are heat resistant and be straightened or curled to suit your look.

Full wigs are perfect for a complete transformation, have a new look with modern cut bob or go for full on glamour with an extra long wig.  We stock a full range of wigs, many of which can be styled to create your fabulous new party hairstyle.

Wigs are now super fashionable, they are lightweight, styled and are available in a huge range of colours and cuts.

Unlock your hairstyle potential and party in a wig.

See the full collection of ladies wigs and hair extensions www.wigstoreuk.co.uk, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with new hairstyles, colours and offers available.

Enjoy x


Glamour Hairstyles

Glamour hairstyles can be difficult to create, not everyone has thick luscious locks, TV celebrities seem to endlessly change their look with gorgeous glamorous hair.   Wearing a wig or hair extensions can really transform your ability to create a wonderful new look and style, giving you much more to work with in terms of hair volume and length.  Be daring and experiment with a new creative image today.  Check out our full range of wigs and hair extension www.wigstoreuk.co.uk

Wigs are now so modern and easy to manage, most have the styles pre-set at the time of manufacture so there really is very little to do.  If you prefer to customise your own look simply select a heat resistant wig or hair extensions, this type of fibre can be styled with heated appliances to enable you to personlise your hairpiece to suit your own individual needs and style.

Find your perfect glamorous look today with a modern ladies wig.



Wig Store UK wig review

Wig Store UK wig review

Many thanks once again to our amazing customers who take the time to write a review about the wig or wigs they have bought and worn.  Reviews like this are a tremendous help both to us as a company but especially to our existing and potential customers.

Real reviews are so important as we obtain feedback on our products and service, we can then assess what we need to do to improve or indeed if we are doing things right so that we can continue knowing we are providing what our customers want.

Potential customer also use reviews to gain a truthful insight into our products and service, wig buying, especially for the first time can be a daunting task, so if our customers who are more experienced wig users can provide a little more insight by writing reviews on our wigs this is a valuable source of information for those who have found them in a position of buy a wig for the first time.

Our Angel wig has received the following 5 star review – many thanks

Blonde bob wig Angel – 

  1. I love this wig, it’s a lovely length and colour, and the parting is really natural looking. It feels light and comfortable to wear, as you can adjust the size at the back using the tabs. Delivery was quick as I ordered late Thursday and received my wig Saturday morning.
    After losing my hair to chemotherapy I was worried people would know I was wearing a wig and that I wouldn’t look like “me” but this “Angel” wig is truly an Angel, and has completely banished all those thoughts. I feel confident and myself in this wig. Thank you Wig Store UK!



Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles – now this is a real dilemma!

Whether you are the Bride, Bridesmaid or guest you want to go all out for a fab hairdo.

Wearing your hair up with full volume curls seem to be in favour with all the glam bride magazines but what if your hair is fine/thin does not go into an updo with ease.  Hair extensions or even a full wig which is heat resistant can give you the WOW factor for the special day.

As heat resistant wigs and extensions can be curled you can create (or get one of your friends,) to create a wonderful full look with ease, you can also add a fasinator or simple flower detail to finish your look and step out in style.

The wedding hairstyle of your dreams using a wig or hair extensions.

Check out the full range www.wigstoreuk.co.uk

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Beautiful Blondes

Beautiful blondes, blonde wigs – At Wig Store UK we have a stunning collection of beautiful blonde wigs.

Blonde shades vary immensely it is certainly a challenge to get your own hair the blonde shade you truly want.  Looking at the picture on the box of hair dye and imaging that’s what you will look like, in reality this usually means our hair will end up looking nothing like this which is really frustrating, not to mention it can be damaging to our hair as more often than not we don’t like the colour our hair ends up and we dye it again to try and obtain that perfect blonde shade.

Our collection of blonde wigs include a vast range of different blondes colour shades, from white blonde to dark, strawberry blondes and everything in between.  Many of our blonde wigs made with more than one blonde shade which results in a more natural overall look.

So if you fancy a change of colour and dare to go blonde take a look at our blonde wig selection and find your perfect shade today.


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Modern ladies hairstyles

Modern ladies hairstyles are so easy to achieve by using a wig.

As fashions change on what seems to be a weekly basis it’s struggle to find a modern style that suits you without spending an enormous amount of time and money.

Fashionable wigs are perfect, you can change your look as often as you like the minimum of fuss, effort or expense.

Our fashion wigs now start from around £20, so it’s an affordable way too to have a complete image boost.

One of our most popular wigs is the Sophia wig, this beautiful wig comes in brown, blonde, and black.  Some of our clients wear this on a daily basis or simply for going out every now and then for a change of appearance.

This particular wig is also heat resistant which means it can be styled with heated appliances on a low setting if you fancy putting a few waves or curls through the style to bring it right up to trend.

Wigs a flexible, affordable, fabulous way to create a modern hairstyle.

Sophia blonde NEW (11)