I am so happy with this wig

I am so happy with this wig just had to let you know that the Angel wig which I received has above and beyond my expectations.

As a first time wig purchase I was nervous that this wig would not suit me, I didn’t need to worry, I took the advice given to me to try a wig which was similar to my own style.  This helps as the result looked like my hair but much better.

I was very surprised at how easy the wig was to put on, I had thought that it would not stay on but once I had changed the hooks inside, a very simple process, this made the wig tighter and felt secure on my head.

My problem now is choosing the next one, there are so many that now I have my confidence I would like to try different styles and even colours.

Thank you for providing such a great wig at what can only be described as a bargain price.

I will certainly be back for more!!!