Colour Explosion funky colour wigs

Colour Explosion funky colour wigs

Colour explosion funky colour wigs.

Ever thought of doing something totally wacky with your hair colour?  The problem is the actual colour your hair might turn out is not exactly what you had in mind!

Most of us have experimented with a home dye or gone to the hairdresser with a picture of how we would like our hair to look, unfortunately by the time we have finished we don’t usually look like the model on the box of hair dye or vaguely resemble the picture in the glossy magazine, don’t give up all hope of trying a new hair colour, wigs are now fashioned in every colour known to man from vibrant pink to blue and white strips, of course if your not quite so radically there are more subtle colour blends to choose from.

Here at Wig Store UK we have new wig styles and colours arriving all the time, whether your looking at a complete transformation and a vibrant new hair do or something a little more subtle we are sure you will find the right wig for you.

The colour you see is the one you get, no crossing your fingers when removing the the towel after you have tried yet another home dye, try a wig, get creative and have fun with your new look.

Wig Store UK xx

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